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A complete Micromega stereo system

You can now build a complete MICROMEGA stereo system from source to speakers.

MySPEAKER is a compact, high performance 2-way speaker (2 speakers). These top of the range speakers are powered by an electric filter which guarantees world class sound quality.

These compact speakers can be used as main or surround sound speakers in a home cinema set-up.

They are the perfect complement to the MyAMP.

True stereo speakers

The MySpeaker has a Bass-Reflex just under the speaker which produces a bass sound that will fill your room and is less sensitive to speaker placement.

The horn tweeter is coated with absorbent material to avoid cabinet reflexion. The internal filter was added after long listening periods to ensure more precise quality listening.

High performance at an affordable price.

Terminals are compatible with bare cables, banana plugs or fork plugs.

MySPEAKER connects to your amplifier via terminals which are compatible with all types of connectors or bare cables.


MySTAND is the perfect partner for your MySPEAKER and MySPEAKER MyAMP INSIDE.Made in lacquered steel, they will position your loudspeaker at the perfect height for listening.

MySTAND is delivered with spikes and counter-spike. Loudspeaker cable can go through the tube.

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  • Weight : 12 kg
  • Length : 190 mm
  • Width : 320 mm
  • Height : 315 mm
  • 2-way BassReflex enclosure
  • 1″ tweeter
  • 5 1/4″ driver
  • Frequency response 50Hz 20kHz +/- 3dB
  • Sensitivity (at 1W/1m) : 90 dB
  • 4Ω impedance
  • Rated power : 90W



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