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Micromega embodies technological innovation, know-how, reliability and purity of sound.

Aria, AirDream, the My Range with the famous MyDac and the MyAmp: these are just some of the names that are ours, yours.

In the era of the dematerialisation of music, we are committed to remaining at the cutting edge of technology and to building under our “France” label.

All our products are born from these requirements.



A real breakthrough in terms of both its musicality and its avant-garde design. The top loading is reminiscent of analogue vinyl decks and opens up new perspectives in digital sound reproduction.


The world’s first CD player in two separate parts:

  • the turntable
  • the digital-to-analogue converter.

Implanted in two distinct casings, already offering an evolutionary concept by being open to the technologies of the future… A decade ahead.


MICROMEGA creates the TRIO system, representing the culmination of their research in both digital signal processing and digital-to-analogue conversion


MICROMEGA is shaking up the world of high-fidelity and more specifically the world of digital-to-analogue conversion by offering the Bitstream technology derived from TRIO and its dazzling results in all their products.

For the first time, MICROMEGA presents an entry-level converter “the DUO”, the ideal complement to any conventional CD player in need of music.

Micromega presents SOLO-R: the one and only French CD player and recorder demonstrating their technological advance.


Micromega launches its first external DAC. It will sublimate the Digital to Analog conversion of the first CD decks. Micromega is already a precursor, today the external DAC has become a basic Hifi accessory.


For the first time in the world, MICROMEGA offers the permanent scalability of their products. Designed on an open architecture, the CONCEPT range allows everyone to upgrade their CD player, Amplifier, Tuner, Drive, Dac, according to their desires and over time without losing the initial value of their product. CONCEPT is commercialised with an upgrade system based on the difference in price between the product owned and the one to be acquired. This concept receives an incredible number of prizes and awards.


Second series of CD players in the CONCEPT range. Stage 4-5-6 replace Stage 1-2-3, offering a dazzling sound evolution in this range of players. The famous Drive 3 and DAC 2 will follow at the end of the year.


A single ambition guides this product range: “to make the exceptional affordable”. More than just a catchphrase, this true philosophy has driven all phases of the development of this “small MICROMEGA sound system”.


Premium DVD is the first high-end DVD player on the market. Faced with the doubts of the sector about the quality of this new media, MICROMEGA maintains its position, as it did at the beginning of the CD, assured of the success and potential of this new media and confidently enters the “Home Cinema” era.


Premium DVD2 – Premium 18 – Premium 20 complete the range. Premium DVD2 offers a greater number of video outputs dedicated to Home Cinema. It is positioned as a player dedicated to video projection. The Premium 18 & 20 are the first MICROMEGA players to use SONY brand playback mechanics.


A real technological challenge, the Reference range offers a new generation of products at the cutting edge of technology thanks to an exceptional image processing system: Frame and Line Memory, PAL & NTSC Progressive Digital Video, Image and Colour Control, Digital Motion Filter to fluidify the image and provide an unprecedented cinematographic rendering. 


MICROMEGA innovates with AIR DREAM which has won numerous awards throughout the world, including a “Diapason d’or”. Micromega is once again a pioneer by offering a wireless Wifi HD broadcasting system as early as 2010!


The release of the best-selling “AS400”, a magnificent 400 Watt amplifier with integrated AirDream, makes MICROMEGA one of the international players in Streaming.


Birth of a new range aimed at the consumer market and at the cutting edge of technology. Entirely designed and manufactured in France, at extremely attractive prices. The “MY” range. The first MyDac element was presented at the Munich trade fair in May 2012. This DAC with a revolutionary jitter-free power supply has extraordinary musical skills for a public price of less than 300€ including VAT.


In 2012, a MYZIC headphone amplifier and a MyGroove MM/MC phono preamplifier complete the “MY” range.


In 2014, two new members of the My family:

  • the MyAMP, an integrated amplifier equipped with Bluetooth and USB
  • the MySPEAKER, Hi-Fi speakers, the perfect complement to the MyAMP.


Simple and elegant, the Micromega IA-100 is a powerful amplifier offering a wide choice of sources. This allows high-fidelity amplification of all your devices.


A true engineering feat. The M-One is an amp that’s perfectly in tune with modern music listening. Thanks to its wide range of physical and wireless sources, it blends perfectly into any system.

Coupled with an elegant design, the M-One is the essence of Micromega.


Launch of the M.A.R.S. technology: self-calibration of the room and filtering allowing a listening scene fitting the user’s home environment.


The wireless streaming application for listening to music via Wifi. 

Developed exclusively for the M One, it vastly increases the functionality of your audio system.


EISA awards the 2018 Best Innovation prize to the M-150 in the M-One range.

The EISA jury is made up of 55 international and specialist journalists in the Hi-Fi Innovation category.


Beginning of the partnership between Focal and Mircromega. This innovative headphone amplifier is manufactured by Micromega for Focal.


The device includes an amplifier stage operating in pure class A and a high-end Hi-Res/DSD converter. The Focal Arche amp/DAC features a headphone stand that evokes the Focal logo in a technical and clean-cut design.



In a desire to combine know-how and a mutual trust approach, La Boite concept (CC LAB SAS) thus completes its expertise in acoustics (loudspeakers and speakers) with Micromega’s skills in amplifiers and turntables.

Created in 1987 and managed since 2007 by Didier Hamdi, Micromega’s credo is the purity of sound.

It is therefore natural that the management of the company passed on this credo to Timothée Cagniard, founder in 2008 and since then director of La Boite concept, with the certainty of shared values and the conviction to push even further the quest for innovation that made Micromega an expert and undisputed leader in acoustics and “the sound of France”.

The future projects developed thanks to this alliance of acoustic / electronic skills will be all-in-one audio products, coherently designed from A to Z by La Boite concept with the support of the Micromega technical team in its Boissy St Léger workshops.

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