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Slide CD-30 CD-30

Micromega had in mind to develop a CD player featuring both a performance and price/performance unrivalled in the market. To make this happen, Micromega R&D team mobilized all their congeniality, fruits of long hours of comparative listening, others more conventional, the evidence of which having been proved before.

For the Micromega team, it has been achieved: producing a player at a reasonable price, featuring outstanding qualities and innovations, its only goal being most faithful and transparent musical reproduction.

Powered with Micromega ACTS® power supply, the CD-30 reveals itself at the first notes, and its irresistible charm slowly makes its way. The discs follow one another and cause that irrepressible desire of listening again and again to ones discotheque, as the impression of rediscovering each disc, even each piece, is overwhelming.

The CD-30 is a player that loves the music, and demonstrates nothing less than that!


  • Net weight : 4,5 kg
  • Length : 430 mm
  • Width : 265 mm
  • Height : 69 mm
  • Available : black or silver



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