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The return of analogue

With the resurgence of vinyl records over the last few years, MICROMEGA has been working on a top quality MC/MM Preamp phono.

It is really easy to use, simply select STANDBY, MM, Mute and MC by turning the aluminium wheel.

Re-live the days of analogue sound and the fun of handling a real record!

Recover all those tiny pieces of information

MyGROOV should do two things whilst reading your record: increase the voltage and equalize the RIAA signal.

Like all of the products in our My range, MyGROOV has an ultra-fast power supply with very low noise output.

As there is no electrolytic capacitor in the path power supply or in the signal, you are guaranteed to experience all of the subtleties hidden within the grooves of your favourite records.

Exceptional sound quality

Compatible with all turntable cartridges.

Record turntables usually come with an MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge. However an MC (Moving Coil) cartridge will produce better quality sound. Check the specification on your record player or turntable cartridge for more information.

The audio output for MyGROOV should be connected to a new terminal ‘line’ on your amplifier. You should never connect the MyGROOV to the PHONO terminal of an amplifier.

Remove the record from its sleeve, find the right groove and get comfy in your armchair.



  • Net weight : 0,5 kg
  • Length : 140 mm
  • Width : 150 mm
  • Height : 35 mm
  • MC/MM cartridges



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