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Slide IA-400 IA-400

Micromega, with over 20 years of experience in amplifier development, is proud to announce IA-400, a very powerful integrated amplifier capable of driving almost all types of speakers, even the most demanding ones.

The preamplifier is a very low noise state of the art gain section with extremely low noise power supplies and sophisticated layout to avoid any ground loop. A specific rcore transformer is dedicated to all low levels signals, avoiding cross coupling between the two sections and preventing any disturbance from the mains line to enter the product. Ultra low noise regulators are feeding the preamplifier section to allow very accurate low level resolution.

Input switching is done by relays and the input impedance of 100kΩ guarantees that the preamplifier section will not load the different sources connected to it. Volume control is achieved by a digitally controlled resistor ladder with extremely low distortion. The power amplifier section has its own 1kVA toroïdal “quiet design” power transformer. The modules are class D modules with no less that 400W/4Ω output power capacity

In addition, IA-400 provides a great number of features. The case work with its sandblasting finish, available in two colors silver or black, is superb and the build quality is to the highest standards.


  • Net weight : 12,7 kg
  • Length : 430 mm
  • Width : 365 mm
  • Height : 95 mm
  • Available : black or silver



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